How It Works

How Does It Work?

1.  From our home page, click on the box you want.
2. You will be taken to a page to sign up & set up your payment information.
3. That's it!  We will then bring your box of fresh delicious produce right to you all year round!

We deliver to you on Mondays usually between 1 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. (If you are not home, we will leave your box at your doorstep) or anytime on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays.

Make it work for you:

- Each Wednesday evening you will receive an email that will list the items planned for your next bag. If you are happy with the selection of produce, do nothing. If you want to make a substitution, simply click on the item while on your account page & choose a substitution.

- Flexibility!  Don't want a bag next week. No problem. Simply click on "my account", "update my schedule" and click to skip next week's bag.

- If you never want a certain item in your bag or have allergies, no problem. You can let us know your dislikes and we will never include them in your bag & make a substitution for you automatically. To choose items to never include in your bag, click on "my account", "account settings" "favorite produce" and click NO next to those items.

- We are huge PET lovers and would love to include a treat for your pet in each bag. Simply tell us the type & number of pets in the "special Instructions" bag.

- Speaking of special instructions, if you have any (such as leave at back door), please be sure to include them in the "special instructions" box.

Additional weekly bonus:

Sometimes it is hard to plan your weekly meals or determine how to use all of your produce. Don't worry! We email you our newsletter every weekend that includes delicious recipes focusing on the produce in that week's bag to get you cooking! The newsletter also contains a storage tip on every piece of produce in the bag so you can keep it fresh longer.

Other notes:

- To help keep your produce fresh, we recommend you leave out a cooler during the hot or cold weather if you will not be home.

- We also deliver fresh boxes of organic fruit to businesses. This is a great way to promote healthier, more productive employees. If you think your business may be interested in providing fresh fruit to its employees, please pass them our information. 

- Referrals:  Word of mouth is so important when growing a family business. Please pass the word along. If someone you refer orders from us, you will receive $18 off your bag when they order their second box.

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